Keeping your WordPress site online, up to date and secure

Keeping a WordPress website running smoothly and securely can take time and effort that could be better spent on producing content or running your business. That’s where WordPress Care comes in. With reports sent directly to you on a monthly basis or on-demand, you’ll always know what’s going on with your site.

Starting from just £85 a month, WordPress Care takes the hassle out of keeping your site running smoothly by allowing someone else to take care of the repetitive and often mundane tasks of updating plugins, running security checks and scanning your site for vulnerabilities. It also offers remote backups, up-time monitoring and safe updates where I test all updates on a development version of your site before applying them to the live version, so you can be sure the updates and your site will work, first time every time.

What's included...

Remote Backups

Your site will automatically be backed up to a remote server either daily, weekly or monthly depending on your needs. With 7 days worth of backups retained, restoring your site to an earlier version is only one click away.


All your plugins, themes, translations are kept up to date for you. Including WordPress Core updates. Your site is checked before and after the updates to ensure everything is exactly as it should be.

Performance Monitoring

Your site will be scanned on a weekly basis using an advanced performance scan. Any performance issues will be reported and fixed as part of the service. All without you having to lift a finder.

Security Monitoring

Keeping your site secure is hugely important. Your site will be scanned for vulnerabilities and known security issues weekly. With issues tested and patched as soon as they come to light so you're site is always kept secure.

Managed Comments

Comments on your sites posts and pages are automatically managed by a real person. They will either be approved, deleted or reported for spam with steps taken to limit reoccurring spam.


You’ll receive regular reports which details everything that has been done on your website, including manual work performed. The report basic overview of your website’s health, and traffic if linked to Google Analytics.

Up-time Monitoring

Your website will be 'pinged' every few minutes to ensure it's still accessible. If it goes down, I'll be automatically notified and will get to work on bringing it back online. All uptime is logged and reported so you always know when you were down.

Broken Link Monitoring

Your website will be scanned every week looking for any link that leads to a 404 page. Any links that are found will be fixed (where possible) for you. If  the page you were linking to is go, I'll look for a suitable alternative.

Development Hours

Take advantage of my technicaly skills with guaranteed development hours every month. Depending on the level of support, you could get 2, 4 or 6 hours dedicated to developing your site or updating it's content.

General Support

And if all that wasn't enough, you'll have direct access to me to help with any technical support issues you might be facing, answer your site questions and more.

Why You Neeed WordPress Support

If your site is powered by WordPress, you can't afford to ignore it!

Did you know that WordPress powers around 28% of the internet? That means it’s likely every third website you visit is a WordPress one. This has made the platform a major target for hackers and the more malicious types. Lucky for us, WordPress does a great job at patching bugs, plugging security holes and making sites run faster. Unfortunately, these fixes rely on the site owner applying them to have any effect.

Most business owners don’t have the time, ability or inclination to monitor and stay on top of these daily updates. That’s where WordPress Care comes in. Even if you install the latest WordPress yourself, update your themes and plugins, there’s still the chance something will break. WordPress care deals with all this for you, in a safe and secure environment, fully testing all updates with your site before rolling them out to ensure compatibility.

Words From My Clients

Over the years, I've worked on so many projects, it would be impossible to showcase them all. So here's a selection of the most recent projects I've worked on.

Stuart Hallard

Golden Fleece Inn

" Dan took over our website maintenance a couple of years back now and has since updated our website and helps with back office issues such as email set up and domain registrations etc. Dan has provided us with a professional personal service at a competitive price. We are delighted with his work and would recommend his services. "

Matthew Davies

Sterling Training

" Superb audit with real insights. Dan really got to know the company and what we do and was able to tailor the SEO audit to our business needs. The on going support to tick off the recommendations was brilliant and we’re already seeing results. Worth every penny and highly recommended "

Dylan Roberts

Optimum Training Solutions

" Couldn’t have asked for better service and support. Dan was there when we needed help and went above and beyond to rebuild our site after a rogue web developer tried to trash it. We’ve recommended Dan to several others and will continue to work with him on our online presence and digital marketing strategy. "

Steven Wang

Wing Chun Singapore

" Dan decluttered and restructured my website and helped me to devise a comprehensive SEO strategy. He is a great communicator and very professional. I have seen massive increase in website clicks and improved organic ranking. Thanks Dan! "

Andrew Mitchell

Now Hosting

" Really pleased with the new design for our site, it works perfectly and our clients love it. Also couldn’t ask for someone more professional to support our business with it’s IT. Nothing is ever too much trouble. "

Robert Cadwalader

Porthmadog Maritime Museum

" Excellent job setting up the website for our maritime museum and showing us how to update it – Thanks! "

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