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Why do you need website maintenance service?

Keep your site tip top

My goal is to optimise your website to be speedy, secure and robust all at the same time. If there is any issues with your website, it’ll be taken care of quickly and efficiently – the first you’ll hear of the problem is when you’ve been told it’s fixed.

Site Updates

Want everything taken care of for you? No problem. Simply let me know what you want done and when you want it to happen, and it’ll happen. Changing content or adding new content is all part of the package.

Peace of Mind

You want to keep your website up to date with the all the plugins and functions available, but you don’t have the time. I will be constantly looking for the latest versions of your WordPress plugins or better alternative plugins for your websites. This proactive approach means you can relax and the website will operate with the latest technology available to you.

What's included?

  • WordPress Version Updates

    WordPress is a community-driven opensource content management system (CMS). Therefore, there are frequent updates to the system that protect your digital assets and websites from hackers and malware.  However, applying these updates is not always straight forward. You have to check compatibility, server configuration, and more.  I’ve got this this down to a science. I’m here to make sure you enjoy the benefits of latest WordPress version without the troubles of getting it.

  • Theme Updates

    One of the biggest benefits of using WordPress is the wide selection of themes. From free to premium WordPress themes, they cover a wide range of industries, designs, and applications. However, these themes are not always perfect. They also require updates and maintenance to keep current with website standards and security. I can work with the theme developer to make sure your WordPress theme is current and optimised.

  • Plugin Updates

    WordPress plugins are another amazing feature of the opensource community. There are over 50,000 WordPress plugins in the directory as of 2017. A lot of these plug-ins can easily add new functions to your websites. However, as the WordPress versions upgrade and themes upgrade, these plug-ins will also need to be updated properly. Most of the vulnerabilities for WordPress are caused by outdated plugins. Luckily, with the maintenance service plan, you have nothing to worry about.

  • Database and Integrity Backups

    Not all web hosts offer site backups, and those that do don’t always backup your database. One of the benefits of WordPress Maintenance is offsite, regular backups of both files and databases. This mean’s there will always be an up to date version of your site stored securely, ready to jump into action should the worst happen.

  • Malware Security

    Malware is one of the most pesky issues in the WordPress. Since WordPress is one of the the worlds most popular content management systems, there is a lot of malware targeted at it. To fully equip your website against malware, I take both a proactive approach and defensive measures.

    Security is a huge concern when talking about websites. Hackers are everywhere and malware infections can put your content at risk and can do horrible things to your site visitors. I’ll beef up your security, plug holes and use the best malware monitoring tools on the web to keep your site protected 24/7. If your site is ever compromised, I’ll clean it up for free, no questions asked.

  • Site Speed Up

    Few things are more frustrating than a slow website.

    I take a holistic approach at improving your website performance. I’ll start at the code level and work my way up from there. I assess faulty plugins, poorly-written themes, massive images, your web host, and even third parties like ad networks. Then I get down to business and implement all the best practices available to get your site running like a finely tuned machine.

I'll keep your site up and running, 24/7

WordPress Maintenance is designed for peace of mind, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your site is going to be running smoothly and taken care of.

Let me help

WordPress Care

£80 per month

Ideal for sites that don't change much, but need to be working at their best.

  • WordPress upgrads
  • Plugin Upgrades
  • Maleware Protection
  • Image optimisation
  • Bugs clean up
  • Weekly Backups
  • Starting from £80 a month

WordPress Care Plus

£120 per month

Fore sites that change more frequently and need constant up-time monitoring.

  • Everything from WordPress Care
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • CDN
  • Site Optimisation
  • Full SEO review
  • Daily Backups
  • Starting from £120 per month