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Keeping a WordPress website running smoothly and securely can take time and effort that could be better spent on producing content or running your business. That’s where WordPress Care and Care+ comes in. With reports sent direct to you on a monthly basis or on demand, you’ll always know what’s going on with your site.

WordPress Care and Care+ takes the hassle out of keeping your site running smoothly by allowing someone else to take care of the repetitive and often mundane tasks of updating plugins, running security checks and scanning your site for vulnerabilities. It also offers remote backups, up-time monitoring and safe updates where we test all updates on a development version of your site before applying them to the live version, so you can be sure the updates and your site will work, first time every time.

All Services

WordPress Care

  • Automatic Updates
  • Monthly remote backups
  • Performance Checks
  • Security Checks
  • Analytics Linked
  • Managed Comments
  • Monthly reporting
  • Premium features on demand
  • 1 x Content Update
  • Access to Client Dsahboard

WordPress Care+

  • All WordPress Care
  • Automatic SAFE updates
  • Daily / Weekly remote backups
  • Advanced Performance Checks
  • Advanced Security Checks
  • Up-time Monitoring
  • SEO Rank Checking
  • Weekly / On Demand Reporting
  • 3 x Content Update
  • Link Monitoring

Backups are performed automatically and are stored on 3 more servers located in Germany, New York and Singapore. This means in the event of your site breaking and needing to be restored, there will always be a working copy available.

Backups are performed either daily, weekly or monthly and can be restored within hours of a system failure.

Your website will be pinged by the backup servers every 5 minutes, or at greater intervals, if requested. This checks to ensure your site is still online and accessible. In the event that a ping fails, the system will automatically try again at 1-minute intervals for a further 5 minutes. If your site is back online within this time, great! The uptime is logged and reported. If your site is still not responding, an automatic email and text are sent directly to me (and you if you wish) alerting me to the downtime so I can get to work fixing it and bringing your site back online.

Your sites plugins and themes are automatically updated and your site checked to it’s still working. Safe updates are performed on a remote clone of your site and manually reviewed before being rolled out to your live website, this not only ensures your site is still up and running, but that everything is working correctly and the update has done as it should.

Your website is scanned for performance issues which includes looking into your sites cache, loading speed, and overall performance. Issues are highlighted in your report and any issue that can be resolved in under an hour is automatically taken care of for you.

Advanced performance checks involve looking deeper into your site and rooting out more complex issues that may be having a negative impact on your website’s performance.

Your website will be scanned for security vulnerabilities. This includes analysing your plugins and themes for potential security threats. All security patches will be tested and applied to your site without any intervention from you. Any security vulnerabilities that are identified and require a custom fix will also be taken care of.

Advanced security checks involve looking deeper at your overall setup including your hosting settings, SSL certificates and core security setup.

Comments on your sites posts and pages are automatically managed by a real person. They will either be approved, deleted or reported for spam with steps taken to limit reoccurring spam.

Comments can also be replied to if required or highlighted to you for a more personal reply.

WordPress Care and Care + entitles you to either 1 or 3 content updates a month. These updates can include swapping out images, posting blogs, amending site copy or a variety of other things. The updated content is supplied to me along with your guidelines and are usually actioned within 24 hours.

You’ll receive a weekly / monthly report which details everything that has been done on your website, including manual work performed. The report also includes a summary of outstanding security and performance issues along with a basic overview of your website’s traffic.

Reports are automatically sent out on a Monday morning either weekly or monthly, but can also be generated on request.

Your website’s position within Google is checked on a weekly basis for the keywords you’ve selected. The data is shown in your report to help you understand where you are sitting in search results for any specific search term. Recommendations on how to improve these results can be provided on request.

Your website will be scanned weekly (or on demand) for broken links. These are links that either direct a user to a 404 error page or direct a user to a website that no longer exists. These links will be automatically fixed where possible for you and details provided in your report. Some links may require information from you about where they should now point to or if they should be removed.

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