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Flexible Pricing For A Comprehensive SEO Service

It’s really straight forward, you buy SEO Credits and spend them on the services you want. It’s a simple way to ensure you only pay for the SEO services you’re actually looking for.

While most of the agencies only offer a rigid pricing structure, my credit-based pricing model provide a result-driven pricing structure while remaining flexible. You buy the credits you need to match your budget and project, and spend them on the services you need.

By The Credit

Buy as many credits as you need.

£50 / credit

Bronze Pack

10 credits a month

£450 / month

Silver Pack

20 credits a month

£900 / month

Gold Pack

30 credits a month

£1350 / month

Keyword Discovery

Research keyword relevancy, keyword competitiveness and webpage content to recommend 5 to 10 targeted keyword phrases

2 Credits

SEO Audit and Reporting

Conduct 360 degree website SEO auditing to identify opportunities for immediate improvement and to establish a benchmark

4 Credits

Competitor Analysis

Analyze SEO and SERP ranking on industry competitors to establish campaign goals and avoid unnecessary competition

3 Credits

Coding Keyword Optimisation

Optimise website pages meta data, alt tags, and anchor tags to reflect target keywords for the site.

1 Credit = 2 pages

Image Keyword Optimisation

Optimize website image files with alt tag and image file name to reflect target keywords and improve loading time

1 Credit = 10 images

Content Keyword Optimisation

Review and optimize website text body and headlines to reflect targeted keywords using rich text formatting

1 Credit = 2 pages

Rank Tracking

Weekly rank tracking of your site in 3 major search engines with reports generated monthly.

1 Credit = 5 keywords / month

Content Review

A full content review looking at structure, readability, titles, tags and linking structure.

1 Credit = 3 pages

Want to talk?

If you’d like to talk through the options, or would like to purchase SEO Credits for use on your site, please contact me using the form on this page.

Contact Forms Not For You?

They don’t suit everyone, if you’d rather not use the contact form, you can get in touch with me directly by:

Phone: 07494340070