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What’s a Standard Audit?

The standard audit is certain to help you improve the visibility of your website in the search engines. You’ll receive an extensive list of steps you can take to improve with a detailed ‘how to’ description. You’ll also receive a full review of how your site is performing currently in the SERP’s and practical tips on improving. The audit will also highlight areas you may already be doing well in so you can keep on the good work.

  • Discover the issues on your site
  • Improve the overall SEO and visibility of your site
  • Helps improve the user experience
  • Optimise your content and site
  • Improve your sites overall loading speed
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Why should I go Standard?

Maybe you’ve been checking out website review tools that have pointed out some errors in your site? Maybe it was H1 or H2 tags, perhaps it was the alt descriptions of your images. Perhaps you’ve even got your site to score 100% in the Google Page Speed test? You get everything fixed and after several months… no visitors. That’s when it’s time to give me a call. Let me figure out whats happening and give you my specialist opinion after completing a full, in-depth review of your entire website.

Don’t Wait…

It’s no secret that some highly popular SEO service providers charge in excess of £1000 to perform similar audits. I’m absolutely convinced that my audit is equally as good and covers all the same areas, you also get direct contact with an SEO specialist, which is something you won’t receive anywhere else. Don’t delay…