SEO Optimisation

Perfect for when you don't have an in house web developer

SEO Optimisation

Are you looking for someone to directly work on your website? Finding the issues and fixing them for you so you can concentrate on other things? Our SEO optimisation services will do just that, we’ll take care of finding the issues, reporting the issues and fixing them for you, as well as tracking the performance of your website.

  • Regular SEO Audits
  • Issues fixed as they appear
  • Full website tracking and regular reports to you about progress
  • A/B Testing where needing
  • Regular updates on the sites progress and further opportunities
  • Rework current content and write new copy for your site to fully optimise the pages and content
  • Regular communication with you
  • You sign off on everything (No changes get committed without your prior approval, so you stay in control)

Is it for you?

If you recognise the importance of SEO and how it can help you and your business, you recognise that it’s an ongoing project and there is no easy solution, but don’t have the time to implement everything and navigate the minefield that is SEO, then hiring someone to do it for you is definitely the way to go. SEO optimisation services mean all the hard work is done for you. You’ll receive regular progress reports and regular audit updates. Perhaps one of the most important things is that no SEO optimisation will happen without your prior agreement, so you stay in control and only changes you approve happen.

"Superb audit with real insights. Dan really got to know the company and what we do and was able to tailor the SEO audit to our business needs. The on going support to tick off the recommendations was brilliant and we’re already seeing results. Worth every penny and highly recommended."

Matthew Davies
Sterling Training

"Couldn’t have asked for better service and support. Dan was there when we needed help and went above and beyond to rebuild our site after a rogue web developer tried to trash it. We’ve recommended Dan to several others and will continue to work with him on our online presence and digital marketing strategy."

Dylan Roberts
Optimum Training Solutions

"Dan decluttered and restructured my website and helped me to devise a comprehensive SEO strategy. He is a great communicator and very professional. I have seen massive increase in website clicks and improved organic ranking. Thanks Dan!"

Steven Wang
Wing Chun Singapore

"Really pleased with the new design for our site, it works perfectly and our clients love it. Also couldn’t ask for someone more professional to support our business with it’s IT. Nothing is ever too much trouble."

Andrew Mitchell
Now Hosting

"Excellent job setting up the website for our maritime museum and showing us how to update it – Thanks!"

Robert Cadwalader
Porthmadog Maritime Museum

"We we’re debating if we needed someone to look at our SEO or not for a long time, and after reaching out to Dan we decided to have a go and see what could be done. We were not disappointed. We worked with Dan for several months on our websites performance and made some drastic changes that we weren’t convinced about initially, but the results speak for them selves. Our site visits are up nearly 40% and our conversion rate has drastically improved… all without running expensive ads. Thank you Dan!"

Christopher Wright
Go North Wales

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