Understanding your sites performance

SEO audits are designed to give you insight into your website and its performance, insight that most people would never see but could really benefit from. My SEO audits can be used to be proactive in improving your sites ranking, or reactive to get to the bottom of things when something has gone wrong.

The consequences of getting it wrong could see your budget gone, your business struggling and your customers struggling to find you. I understand the consequences and I understand the value of design. The correct execution of carefully considered design can instil trust in a brand and fortify the quality of its products.

The audits I complete will evaluate the health of your website and look beyond the limitations of your own server. The audits look at both on site SEO and off site SEO, as well as other ranking factors like social media signals, linking strategy and overall online presence. It’s more than just spotting missing tags or incorrect redirects, it’s about really understanding how your users are finding your website (or not as the case may be) and discovering opportunities to build and improve.

Why you need an audit

SEO audits are designed to help you build and maintain a websites online presence, that’s it. An audit on it’s own won’t generate new leads and site visits, it won’t make you instantly appear at the top of Google and it certainly won’t cause you to sell out of whatever your product might be. What it will do is help you understand how you can get your site in front of as bigger an audience as possible, it’ll help you figure out exactly why you’re not sitting at the top of Google and it’ll show you new ways to showcase your products to potential buyers.

Perhaps you’re struggling to find new customers or your site just isn’t as popular as you hoped it would be. Perhaps your site used to get hundreds of visitors a day, and suddenly for no real reason, it’s dropped to one or two visits a day. Or perhaps you’re trying to understand how your customers are finding your site so you can work on new ways to gain visibility. An SEO audit can help in every one of these cases. By identifying what’s going on both on site and off site and taking an in-depth look at your online presence, you could discover exactly what’s happening and how you can build on it.

The Process

I approach all SEO Audits with an open mind, applying a methodical process to discover what's working and what isn't.

Getting Started

The first thing we'll do is agree the scope of the audit. If you're website is fairly small, we'll audit every page. If it's pretty big (say an eCommerce store), we'll agree exactly what we're auditing and take a selection of product pages that best represent the entire catalogue.

Analytics and Setup

I'll get your site plugged in to my tools to help perform the audit. I use a combination of software to help check things out. This will include getting access to your Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Search Console.

Auditing The Site

Now it's time to get stuck in. Using all the data I've gathered about your site and users, I'll start working through my bespoke audit. My audit is tailor made and includes over 250 individual checks, all of which I'll review manually.

The Findings

Once complete, you'll be given a set of documents. These will include reference data I used while auditing your site but most importantly, you'll get a copy of the completed audit and next steps. This will provide you with a complete overview of what's going on along with actionable next steps you can take away and use to improve your sites SEO.

Words From My Clients

Over the years, I've worked on so many projects, it would be impossible to showcase them all. So here's a selection of the most recent projects I've worked on.

Stuart Hallard

Golden Fleece Inn

" Dan took over our website maintenance a couple of years back now and has since updated our website and helps with back office issues such as email set up and domain registrations etc. Dan has provided us with a professional personal service at a competitive price. We are delighted with his work and would recommend his services. "

Matthew Davies

Sterling Training

" Superb audit with real insights. Dan really got to know the company and what we do and was able to tailor the SEO audit to our business needs. The on going support to tick off the recommendations was brilliant and we’re already seeing results. Worth every penny and highly recommended "

Dylan Roberts

Optimum Training Solutions

" Couldn’t have asked for better service and support. Dan was there when we needed help and went above and beyond to rebuild our site after a rogue web developer tried to trash it. We’ve recommended Dan to several others and will continue to work with him on our online presence and digital marketing strategy. "

Steven Wang

Wing Chun Singapore

" Dan decluttered and restructured my website and helped me to devise a comprehensive SEO strategy. He is a great communicator and very professional. I have seen massive increase in website clicks and improved organic ranking. Thanks Dan! "

Andrew Mitchell

Now Hosting

" Really pleased with the new design for our site, it works perfectly and our clients love it. Also couldn’t ask for someone more professional to support our business with it’s IT. Nothing is ever too much trouble. "

Robert Cadwalader

Porthmadog Maritime Museum

" Excellent job setting up the website for our maritime museum and showing us how to update it – Thanks! "

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