SEO Audit Intake

SEO Audit Intake Form

Before your SEO audit can be started, I need to gather a few details. Please complete this form giving as much information as possible.

The form is fully encrypted, so any personal details and passwords you enter are completely safe. If you still feel uncomfortable submitted any details, please send them directly to

About You

This section is about you and the main point of contact for the SEO Audit.

Main Contact

Please complete the following information about the main point of contact for your audit.

Your Website

Time for some details about your website. Please complete as accurately and fully as possible. The more information I can gather at this stage, the faster the audit process will be.

If this is a multi-site audit, please complete this form separately for each website.

As part of the audit, I will usually need to log in to the back end of your website. To do this, please create a new user with the username 'Danderton' and supply the details on how to login here

The access granted to me does not need to be full administrator access. I do however need to be able to access product information, blog posts, pages and media galleries as well as some settings. So please assign the highest level of access you feel comfortable with and we will work from there.

Do you have the following setup on your website? (Tick all that are setup)

As a minimum I will need access to your Google Analytics, Shopping Feed and Search Console to complete the audit. Ideally, I would request access to all of the above if you have them set up. Please add me to these using the email address

Final Details

Company Address (or your address if for a personal site)
Company Address (or your address if for a personal site)