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This website was built for the local rowing club, the site was to replace an existing site that hadn’t changed since 2007. The most important aspect for this site was to make it community orientated to try and encourage cross club communication and interaction, we achieved this by creating an integrated social network where club members can log in and interact with each other. We also included a members directory that’s fully responsive and easy to update which allows members to track down the details of anyone they may need to contact from their mobile.

When designing the site, we aimed for something simple to use, yet modern in design and something that really shows what the club is all about. With that in mind, we opted for a full image background, using one of the clubs beautiful images of a Celtic Longboat, we also added a video background to the homepage header that really lets the user know what the site is all about before they’ve even read anything.

The site also allows registered users to submit their own news articles and events without having to login to the WordPress admin panel, which makes updating the site simple even for then most technophobe of members.

As a member of the club, Dan took personal charge of developing the site, and is continuing to do so with future updates planned over the coming year in an attempt to help digitise the club and improve communication.

As part of this project, we also set up an email server and dedicated email addresses for the committee, as well as providing support and training in how to use and manage the site.

You can view this project here

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