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MYC Rowing

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MYC Rowing

MYC Rowing is a division of the Madoc Yacht Club based in my hometown of Porthmadog. They row in fixed-seat Celtic Longboats on the local waters as well as taking part in events and races across the country (and further sometimes).

The rowing section has been active for over a decade and their original website has been in place since around that time. They were looking to update the site to something more modern that would serve the members better.

I was invited to speak with the committee at the time to figure out exactly what they needed and quickly got to work drawing up some wireframe designs for approval.


  • Modern and functional design
  • Retaining historical data from the old website
  • Ability to display key information for current and prospective members
  • Easily managed by colunteers

The Short Brief

Completely redesign the existing website to give it a modern feel and add some features that would help the members. Retaining all the key information for prospective rowers as well as all the historical data produced over the years.

The committee were not overly versed in the ways of the internet. So I took it upon myself to also ensure the site was fully responsive and really showcased what the club is all about.

Design and UX

I started from the ground up. As a member, I already had a good idea of what the club was about. I was concious of the varied skills within the club, so wanted to create something that would be easy to use, easy to update and hold all the key information members might require.

The finished site features a large full width slider using images that really show the sport. Along with overlay buttons for the two key sections. The site also has a fully responsive members only section, which has been designed for ease of use and secured, so members can easily access phone numbers and email addresses for other members in a fast and secure way. The fully featured events calendar also allows everyone to see exactly what’s happening

I was able to import all the historical WordPress articles into the new site to retain the years of information they had collected, along with a fully responsive image gallery so new and old members could relive some of their favourite rowing moments.

What MYC Rowing Said

"Dan did an excellent job getting the rowing sections web site up to a modern standard. Our rowers love it and hopefully it'll help attract the next generation of rowers to our club"

Richard Aherne

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