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Golden Fleece Inn

Golden Fleece Inn

Having won multiple awards, The Golden Fleece Inn is arguably one of the best pubs in the area. They also offer holiday accomodation all year round.

The Golden Fleece Inn already had a pretty nice website. The issue was it had been built in such a way that making quick, on the fly changes was almost impossible. Meaning the team had to constantly revert back to the developer for even the most basic change.

The site needed to be rebuilt. Keeping the overall look and appearance, but allowing for easy maintenance and updates.


  • Easy to use both front and back
  • Design to match the existing site
  • Faster and more secure than the existing site
  • Ongoing maintenance and security taken care of

The Short Brief

Rebuild the website using the existing design as a template. The finished site should be almost identical  but allow for quick and easy updates by the team while improving the overall security and functionality.

Cloning and Maintaining

Cloning a website is not something I often do (for various reasons), however when I see a client getting cheated, I can’t help but want to step in. In this case, I took the existing site design and rebuilt it using WordPress. The main goal was to keep the overall look and feel of the original site, but add consistency to design elements such as fonts and font sizes.

Stuart also wanted to avoid worrying about ongoing maintenance and security. So he signed up for a website maintenance service. This service takes care of all the maintenance, security and updates to the site, so he could focus on running his business instead.

What Golden Fleece Inn Said

"Dan took over our website maintenance a couple of years back now and has since updated our website and helps with back office issues such as email set up and domain registrations etc. Dan has provided us with a professional personal service at a competitive price. We are delighted with his work and would recommend his services."

Stuart Nashir-Hallard

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