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CDL Partitions

CDL Partitions website design dan anderton
CDL Partitions web site update dan anderton

CDL Partitions

CDL Partitions are specialists in plastering and dry lining. They have over 20 years experience in the industry but unfortunately, their website looked like it was built 20 years ago too.

They were looking a complete design overhaul. This was one of those dream projects where the client was happy to leave virtually all the designing to me. As long as the site covered a few basic points.

The existing website was looking extremely old and tired and most other companies in their industry had similarly tired looking sites, so I opted to start from scratch to give CDL Partitions something unique.


  • Tidy design to showcase quality
  • Project page to showcase complete jobs
  • Interactive map with job locations
  • Simple for the team to update

The Short Brief

Completely redesign existing website to be modern and responsive showcasing completed work. A place for the team to create news articles and an interactive map to show previous job locations.

The site also needed to show the companies qualifications and have a way for prospective employees to be able to submit applications.

CDL Partitions Web Design Mock Up Dan Anderton

Design and UX

I started from the ground up. Getting to know the quality of their work and seeing it first hand. CDL wanted to be able to add articles to their new site so I opted to work with WordPress as a CMS. I put a heavy focus on showcasing the quality of the work they do by using large full width banners and displaying their certifications prominently. All while making use of their existing brand colours.

Being in the construction industy, I understood that they (and the people likely to be using the site) would be on the move frequently. So the site was designed mobile first to ensure it gives the best mobile experience, loading quickly on 4G with clean and simple navigation. All designed to make the site as user friendly as possible whilest using a mobile device.

CDL Partitions Dan Anderton web design

What CDL Partitions Said

"Dan helped bring our company into 2020 with an updated, modern website. Really pleased."

Bob Chamberlain

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